Monday to Saturday
9pm to 2am
(Closed Sundays)
Join the Crêpe Club today! Just order  one crêpe and begin your journey to many free delicious snacks in the near future.

Campus Location:

1106 Jackson St.
Albion College
Coffee House
Between Twin and Whitehouse
Welcome to Makin’ Crêpes...

We’re your one and only late night campus crêperie. We’re only open during the wee hours of the night, so that you’ve got a place to go when you’re craving a snack after studying or partying hard with some friends. Wind down your night with us, or start it off on the right foot. Either way, we’re just around the corner and we’re here to fill your empty stomach. Student owned and operated, we’ve got prices that will fit your budget, and delicious crêpes that we know you’ll love day after day!

Become a card holding member by joining our Crêpe Club today! Just order a crêpe from us, then keep ‘em coming and after you’ve got 7 crêpes under your belt, we’ll give you the 8th one absolutely free!

Keep an eye out for our crêpe of the week promotions! Every so often, we plan to offer a new crêpe flavor that isnt on our menu (maybe blueberry, raspberry, ice cream, bbq chicken, lamb, rice...the list goes on). Itll be a way for us to test out some new potential offerings, and a way for you to benefit from our delicious experiments! Here are a few of the promotional crêpes that we have offered so far:
We also feature a new employee of the week on a regular basis. This is no standard op employee of the week program though; we never choose actual Makin Crêpes employees, we choose customers. He/she who crêpes the hardest will be featured in our employee of the week program. Congrats to those of you out there who have made the cut already!
As more promotions come up, well be sure to post them here and on our facebook page. Keep an eye out!